Budget Work Session Schedule 8/10/2023

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Colleen Pate
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Budget Work Session Schedule 8/10/2023

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Council Members,

Thanks to all of you for your efforts during this budget process.

I want to let you know how I see tomorrow going.

We’ll start by having the City Manager and his staff give a revenue update. He will also provide some guidance on how amendments will best fit into the overall budget.

Then, we will have Council Members lay out your proposed budget amendments in a similar fashion as we handled the Q&A day yesterday. I’ll identify a department or priority area and we’ll go through everyone’s proposed amendments related to that department or priority area.

Given this framework, I suggest that you consider whether there are similar amendments that other colleagues are proposing that might be combined to avoid duplicate (or near duplicate) requests. Also, consider whether there is potential for partial funding of your proposal that would allow your item to begin and then allow the Manager to assess full program funding mid-year or as part of the next budget.

I look forward to tomorrow’s discussion.

Again, thanks for your work.


On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office