Item 53 - Overdose Crisis

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Item 53 - Overdose Crisis

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I’m bringing forward Item 53, which declares a public health crisis on Austin’s rising overdoses. Thank you to Public Health Committee Chair Tovo, Mayor Adler, CM Kitchen, and CM Harper Madison for co-sponsoring this resolution.

Item 53 directs opioid settlement money toward:
- harm reduction and treatment services
- creation of a data dashboard to be shared between departments and community organizations
- development of a public education campaign

This item also does the following:
- tasks the newly created Public Health Commission with developing a comprehensive local plan of action
- directs the City Manager to hold a town hall to hear from people with lived experience to inform the local plan of action

Please click here to review the latest version of Item 53 which incorporates minor clarifications and includes more direction on the data collected, public education campaign and town hall: ... ?id=385966

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Council Member, District 2