Austin-San Antonio Corridor Passenger Rail Letter (Signature Request)

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Austin-San Antonio Corridor Passenger Rail Letter (Signature Request)

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In case you had not seen it in the news, Travis County Judge Andy Brown has been meeting with Bexar County Judge Peter Sakai regarding passenger rail along the Austin to San Antonio corridor. Following these meetings, they appointed the Texas Passenger Rail Advisory Committee, to continue these important discussions.

For a long list of reasons, I support expanded passenger rail opportunities through Central Texas. Fast, frequent, and reliable rail service between Bexar County and Travis County would be a massive boon for commuters and travelers. It could expand economic mobility within the regional population by opening up opportunities available to students and workers, and every car taken off the road by a train ride is a reduction in emissions and pollution.

To that end, I have authored an open letter to be sent to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and am offering the opportunity for anyone else to join in and sign on as well. If you are interested, I am happy to forward a digital copy of the letter your way for approval and signature.
It is my intention to send the letter on Monday, May 20th, at noon, so I would appreciate any additional signatures by 11:00 a.m. that day.

Council Member, District 9