Urban Cultural & Music Festival- Fee Waivers

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Natasha Harper-Madison
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Urban Cultural & Music Festival- Fee Waivers

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On March 29th, the annual Urban Cultural & Music Fest- the only R&B festival in the City of Austin will fill Auditorium Shores with music and entertainment.
The festival celebrates and showcases Austin's diverse Afro-centric culture. This year's event will take place during the nationally acclaimed Texas Relays weekend- offering destination visitors and locals alike a rich and unique experience in the heart of our city.
We continue to work with City Staff to create an accessible and inclusive application process, as established with the resolution we passed last month, for fee waivers and city co-sponsorship of events. We are fortunate as the City Council to assist and support these live music and cultural arts events in the interim.
My team and I are excited to be working with team D4 to resolve outstanding fees for the Urban Music Festival. I appreciate Councilmember Vela for his unwavering commitment to Austin and for our shared values for local cultural arts and entertainment. We hope to count on the support of our colleagues to help resolve and waive the fees of approximately $15,440. For reference CM Vela has committed to $1K, I have committed $3K. Thank you all in advance for any contributions you’re able to commit to this incredibly valuable, community asset.

Kindest regards,
Natasha Harper-Madison
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Jose Chito Vela
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Re: Urban Cultural & Music Festival- Fee Waivers

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Thank you for your support of arts and culture in our beautiful city, Councilmember Harper-Madison. The Urban Music Fest is a great event well-timed to coincide with the Texas Relays...another great event! I'm happy to support them with a fee waiver and want to ensure that Austin continues to host a diverse mix of cultural events.

Paige Ellis
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Re: Urban Cultural & Music Festival- Fee Waivers

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CMs Harper-Madison and Vela -

Thank you for taking the lead on fee waivers for the Urban Cultural & Music Fest. I would like to be added as a cosponsor and contribute $500.

Paige Ellis
Paige Ellis
City Council District 8
Vanessa Fuentes
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Re: Urban Cultural & Music Festival- Fee Waivers

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Please count me in for $500. I am happy to support the Urban Cultural & Music Festival.

Council Member, District 2
Jose Velasquez
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Re: Urban Cultural & Music Festival- Fee Waivers

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CM Harper- Madison and CM Vela,

The Urban Cultural & Music Festival is a great event and I thank you both for leading on this item. Please put me down for $500.

José Velásquez
Council Member, District 3
Leslie Pool
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Re: Urban Cultural & Music Festival- Fee Waivers

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I’m in for $500, too!

Thanks 👍🏻

Leslie Pool
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