Work Session Schedule 3/5/24

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Colleen Pate
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Work Session Schedule 3/5/24

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Here is my plan for our Council Work Session tomorrow.

We will begin promptly at 9am with the briefing on the Austin Housing Public Facility Corporation and the Austin Housing Finance Corporation.

Following the briefing, we will take up items pulled for discussion. Currently no items have been pulled for discussion.

We will go into Executive Session on item E1 at a time certain of 10:30am.

I also want to share a version 2 of the Infrastructure Academy IFC (item 21). This incorporates additional language pertaining to childcare at the suggestion of Council Member Fuentes. ... 171408.pdf

There has been a question regarding training standards. I want to be clear that a key goal of this initiative is to create career paths. As a result, the standards will be higher standards. Training at a lower standard would preclude people from being able to take work requiring a higher standard. It would preclude the ability to advance in a career because of lower standard training. If a person is trained at the higher standard, they will qualify for work that doesn't require that high level and rigor of training. But the opposite isn't true. We don't want to work against our goal.

I look forward to a productive day.


On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office