Item 60 on 2/29: RRCD + Cultural District Framework

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Item 60 on 2/29: RRCD + Cultural District Framework

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On behalf of CM Qadri:


I’m honored to bring forward a resolution at the Feb. 29th council meeting calling for City support specifically for the Red River Cultural District (RRCD) and broadly for a framework that recommends how we can support all of our unique cultural districts throughout our city.

As I mentioned at the previous council meeting, it’s important to keep the momentum going around this issue. Not only is the Red River Cultural District a critical part of Austin’s vibrant cultural music and arts scene, but it also plays a sizable role in our local economy. It is crucial that we find a way to support them. We hope that through this resolution we can find the necessary support and other resources needed to maintain our cultural arts and music districts around the city.

We should strive to support the people and places that make Austin the city that so many love to call home. By making investments into our cultural arts and music community, we can truly live up to our title as “Live Music Capital of the World.”

I want to thank the Economic Development staff for all of their work on this; I greatly appreciate your time and effort. Thank you to RRCD and all the advocates we have met with and heard from; we appreciate all the work you do. And finally, I want to thank my cosponsors, Mayor Watson, MPT Pool, CM Fuentes, and CM R. Alter for their collaboration and support. I welcome all of my colleagues to join as a cosponsor should you feel inclined to support our local cultural and creative communities. ... 094946.pdf

CM Qadri
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Office of Council Member Zo Qadri, District 9