Item 54 ETOD Amendments

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Melissa Beeler
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Item 54 ETOD Amendments

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I’m sharing the following amendments that I previewed at the Work Session yesterday:

The first amendment speaks to the specific recommendations regarding parking regulations outlined by ULI’s Technical Assistance Panel last October. The intensive 2+ day effort gathered feedback from a robust cross section of downtown stakeholders.

Please see this link for the recommendations provided by the panel: ... 130839.pdf

The second amendment provides the opportunity for staff to consider a density bonus above 120 feet in total height while they are developing the ETOD overlay. More people living near transit provides Austin a variety of climate, affordability, and livability benefits. Limiting density adjacent to transit investments limits these benefits. It’s important to note that the ETOD overlay will likely apply to many non-single family areas near the proposed 15th Street station downtown, and a density bonus option above 120 feet in height would be appropriate in this context.

Amendment 1: ... 154705.pdf

Amendment 2: ... 154748.pdf

Looking forward to our meeting tomorrow.

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Re: Item 54 ETOD Amendments

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Version 2 of Amendment 4: ... 104634.pdf

Based on a recommendation from CM Ryan Alter, it adds "at the same or greater level of affordability" to our amended language.

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