Item 71 - Amendment

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Jose Velasquez
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Item 71 - Amendment

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Tomorrow, I will bring forward Item 71, relating to financial assistance for residential property owners who want to add a housing unit on their homesteaded property. I understand that the previous council has done continuous work to look for resources similar to the one I am proposing tomorrow. To coordinate and work alongside the previous direction, I will amend my resolution to include directions to the City Manager to update the council in prior resolutions 20211209-064 and 20200409-080.

Please see language of amendment below,

I move to amend the revised resolution at line 57 to read:


The City Manager is directed to come back to council by January 18th, 2024 with updates on progress made on resolutions 20211209-064 and 20200409-080 that were passed by previous councils and explore how they can be incorporated, and or compliment this latest direction to explore financial tools.

Yellow copies will be provided tomorrow morning.

Thank you,
Council Member Jose Velásquez
Council Member, District 3
Ryan Alter
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Re: Item 71 - Amendment

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I would like to thank Council Member Velásquez for bringing this resolution. I support this effort to bring financial assistance to low or moderate income property owners to build or renovate their homes to include additional residential units. While I cannot attend tomorrow's council meeting, I would greatly appreciate being included as a co-sponsor on this item.

- Ryan
Council Member, District 5
Louisa Brinsmade
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Re: Item 71 - Amendment

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On behalf of CM Pool


My thanks to Council Member Velásquez and the co-sponsors for initiating this program to make adding more housing units accessible to more people. I would also like to be added as a co-sponsor on this item and am offering an amendment to create an ombudsperson program so that residents are able to successfully navigate the permitting process.

This motion should be distributed to everyone shortly. ... 093859.pdf

Chief of Staff
Office of Leslie Pool, Council Member District 7