Special Called City Council Meeting Schedule 12/7/23

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Special Called City Council Meeting Schedule 12/7/23

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Here is my plan for the Special Called City Council meeting tomorrow.

We will begin promptly at 10am. We will begin with brief remarks from staff.

I will then call on Council Members to layout any proposed amendments. This will allow for transparency on what is being considered. While we won’t debate the amendments until after all of the public comment, it should help the public to know of the potential amendments. We will ensure that City staff members are present should any Council Member have brief questions. If you know that you will have questions of a particular department or office, please let the City Manager’s office know so they can ensure appropriate staff are present.

Following the layout of proposed amendments, we will hear public testimony. Speakers will have 2 minutes. Speakers will be able to donate time. Time may be donated for up to 4 minutes of donated time for a maximum of 6 minutes. Speakers wishing to donate time must coordinate with the City Clerk prior to being called. All parties (speakers and donors) must be present in person to be eligible for donation of time.

Thank you,

On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office