Joint City Council and Planning Commission Meeting

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Joint City Council and Planning Commission Meeting

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As a follow up to my message board post on Friday, I wanted to make sure you are aware of the draft ordinance and summary of proposed changes that was circulated by the agenda office. I have included a link to the draft ordinance and summary of changes below. I requested that Staff draft an ordinance so that the public has the ability to know what we are discussing in more detail. ... 160400.pdf ... 160426.pdf ... 160452.pdf

As we all know, this will likely not be the final ordinance that each body considers during their respective meetings. We all anticipate there will be changes to the draft ordinance based on the feedback we receive during public hearings. However, it’s appropriate to have a draft so that people have a better idea of what is being discussed.

Additionally, I wanted to include a link to the diagram of how the Council Chambers will be arranged with the temporary dais and the permanent dais. ... 102411.pdf

Finally, I want to remind everyone of the Question-and-Answer Process. Council should submit their questions to Catie Powers and Planning Commission should submit their questions to Andrew Rivera. Answers will be provided as they are compiled. There will be a running report of Q&A up until the Council takes action at the Special Called Meeting on December 7th.

I will provide an additional update with the proposed meeting schedule the day prior to the meeting.


On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office