Council Meeting Schedule 8/31/23

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Council Meeting Schedule 8/31/23

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Here is my proposed plan for the Council meeting tomorrow.

We will begin promptly at 10am. We’ll start with public comment on consent and non-consent items. Speakers will have 2 minutes. We will then vote on the consent agenda with brief remarks from Council. Please let Colleen know if you would like to be recognized to speak on any items on the consent agenda.

We will hear speakers for the Public Hearings, non-Consent items and AHFC when the item is taken up. Speakers will be able to donate time. Time may be donated for up to 4 minutes for 6 minutes total. Speakers wishing to donate time must coordinate with the City Clerk prior to being called. All parties (speakers and donors) must be present in person to be eligible for donation of time. If there is time, we will take up non-consent items.

We will conduct the AHFC meeting at or after 10:30 AM.

For non-consent items and items pulled from consent, I will recognize the staff or the council member sponsoring the item and ask them to briefly lay out the item. We will then hear testimony on the item and follow with Council discussion and vote.

Following the AHFC meeting, we will take up pulled items (if any), non-consent items and items set for a public hearing that have a voting item attached to them.

If we have time prior to Public Communication and live music, we will go into Executive Session. If not, we will go into Executive Session prior to hearing zoning cases at 2pm.

Public Communication will begin at 12pm and we will also have live music. We will not have a formal lunch break. Please be sure that a quorum is present and excuse yourself to take a lunch break.

At 2pm, we will hear from our zoning consent speakers and vote on the zoning consent agenda. Speakers will have 2 minutes.

I anticipate we will have zoning items for discussion. For zoning cases that are not on consent, we will hear a staff presentation followed by a presentation from the applicant (5 minutes) and from the opposition (5 minutes). We will then hear public testimony. The opposition and the applicant will each have 3 minutes for closing remarks. The Council will then discuss and vote.

Thank you,

On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office