Service Extension Request follow-up, Aug 31 agenda

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Leslie Pool
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Service Extension Request follow-up, Aug 31 agenda

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The Service Extension Request item on the August 31 agenda is my resolution to restore technical decisions to expert staff on water and wastewater SERs and establish cost-sharing for projects outside of the City’s jurisdiction and within the Drinking Water Protection Zone.

After discussions with the City Manager, he has requested time for Austin Water and the Watershed Protection Department to collaborate on ways to administratively ensure environmental review of these types of SERs and return to council with recommendations. At his request and with the joint commitment of our staff, I am recommending the withdrawal of this IFC to allow staff the time they need over the coming months to return to council with their request for action.

I continue to believe these are not political questions for our body; they are technical decisions to be considered by experienced staff, and that any projects should share in the cost to provide infrastructure. I look forward to the solutions they bring forward.

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Re: Service Extension Request follow-up, Aug 31 agenda

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Thank you, CM Pool, for your & your team’s work on this topic. I look forward to seeing what staff can bring back as a recommendation.

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