Item 26 for 5/18 - Council Meeting Dates

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Item 26 for 5/18 - Council Meeting Dates

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Item 26 on our Council agenda this week is an opportunity to make adjustments to the remainder of the 2023 Council meeting schedule, and your feedback is needed. ... eg.htm#026

As discussed, I propose we shift our August 24 Council meeting back one week to August 31, to give both Budget adoption (Aug 16-18) and this subsequent meeting the attention they demand. Colleagues, please weigh in on this proposed adjustment, whether you’re for, against, or neutral.

I understand several of you may not be available for the September 7 meeting. If anyone would like to propose changes to the September meeting dates or beyond, please feel free to lay those out here as well.

Staff needs to prepare an Exhibit A that reflects our desired amendments to the 2023 Council meeting schedule. To facilitate this, please respond to this thread no later than 10am on Wednesday.

Paige Ellis

P.S. The backup for Item 26 includes this helpful comprehensive calendar that shows Council meetings, committee meetings, and known conflicts. The Mobility Committee is prepared to move its August 31 meeting up to swap with the Council meeting on 8/24, if it is the will of the dais to push the Council meeting to 8/31. I understand from Chair Alter that the Audit & Finance Committee is similarly looking into the option of shifting its August 30 meeting up one week. ... ?id=408278

On behalf of MPT Ellis
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