Council Meeting 2/9 Schedule

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Council Meeting 2/9 Schedule

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Here is my proposed plan for the Council meeting tomorrow. Please note all times are estimated and that this may change, depending on the will of the dais and additional speaker sign-ups.

At 10am, we will begin promptly. We currently have 75 speakers signed up to speak at 10am; each speaker will have 2 minutes. As soon as the 10am speakers conclude, we will go straight into Public Communication; each of those 10 speakers will have 3 minutes. Then, I would like us to take our consent agenda vote, keeping remarks brief, before we break for live music and lunch.

At 2pm, I recommend we return to the dais and conduct our AHFC meeting. After that, we can hear from zoning speakers (currently 19 @ 2 minutes each) and vote on the zoning consent agenda. Then we can handle the remaining items on our regular Council agenda. The order is still TBD but will include public hearings (45, 46), items pulled from consent (currently 40, 41, 80, 81), and any zoning discussion items. We may wish to go into executive session as posted in Item 50 prior to taking up Item 80. Note that the three Brodie Oaks PUD items (47, 68, 69) are slated for postponement.

After we have dispensed with all business on our regular Council agenda, I will adjourn the meeting and convene the Special Called meeting, at which point we will go into executive session. I will return to the dais only to adjourn the special called meeting when we have concluded our business in executive session.

We have a busy day ahead of us. To help us work together efficiently, please share any motion sheets you have both on the message board and with the Agenda Office for distribution, and please arrive at the dais ready to begin at 10am.

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