Item 55 - Friendly Amendment

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Jose Velasquez
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Item 55 - Friendly Amendment

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I will be proposing the following amendment at tomorrow's meeting and want to give everyone a chance to review before the meeting.

Language is proposed to begin on line 99. ... 170948.pdf

Thank you,
José M.A. Velásquez
Council Member, District 3
Vanessa Fuentes
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Re: Item 55 - Friendly Amendment

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Thank you, CM Velasquez. I support your friendly amendment and appreciate your co-sponsorship of this item.


I also plan to offer two minor changes to my Childcare Zoning IFC, Item 55. In order to clarify that the new “childcare services” use includes child daycare centers and early childhood education and development centers, I plan to offer the following clarifying amendment:

Lines 64-66 are amended to read:
Create a separate zoning use classification and definition for “Child Care Services” that includes early childhood education and development and modify the existing “Day Care Services” use and definition to “Adult Care Services.”

Currently, daycare services are a permitted use in industrial zones like MI. I believe it would be worthwhile to revisit that issue in the future to ensure we are not exposing children to unsafe and hazardous conditions. For this IFC, I want to make it clear that it is not my intent to allow day care centers to open in zones that can pose a health risk to children, parents and employees. I will be offering the following amendment:

Add a new 6. After Line 89 to read:
Limit new child care operations in zoning districts that are not conducive to child care, like heavy industrial zones that could pose a health risk.

Yours in community,
Council Member, District 2
Mackenzie Kelly
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Re: Item 55 - Friendly Amendment

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Council Member Fuentes,

Thank you for bringing this item forward.

I'd like to offer the following amendment for your consideration: ... 081005.pdf

Warm regards,
Council Member, District 6
Jose Chito Vela
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Re: Item 55 - Friendly Amendment

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I am offering this amendment to Item 55 as well. It eliminates parking requirements. The version below has been reviewed by law. Thank you for your consideration. ... 100005.pdf

Chito Vela