Tuesday's Council Agenda

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Tuesday's Council Agenda

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Good evening,

Our council meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/15) will start at 1 PM. I am planning to organize our afternoon as follows:

1. We will first hear from ALL virtual, non-zoning related speakers and then hear from all in-person speakers who are speaking on non-zoning and non-AE related items. We will then vote on the consent agenda. We currently have 3 remote speakers and 1 in person speaker on a consent agenda item and each will have 3 minutes to speak.
2. We will then take up in-person speakers on the AE rate case (item 50) until 2 PM. Each speaker will have 3 minutes. As of now, we have 9 speakers.
3. We will then hear from any speakers on zoning, and vote on zoning items. This section will include the hearing for item 49 (historic design standards) and the staff presentation on item 51 (311 - 315 South Congress PUD).
4. If necessary, we will return to hear more testimony from in-person speakers for the AE rate case.
5. We will then hear a presentation from the chair of the EUC and then from Austin Energy. We will then have time for council questions and discussion related to the AE rate case (item 50).
6. As of now, unless requested, we will not go into executive session on item 47 (labor negotiations).

Alison Alter
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