10/11 Discussion on Remaining 2022 Meetings

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10/11 Discussion on Remaining 2022 Meetings

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Tomorrow, we have a discussion item related to remaining 2022 City Council meetings. We will need resolve cancellation of the November 17 meeting and setting any potential replacement (either as a “consent” only or full deliberative session). We will need meetings to work thru the AE base rate increase. Depending on how far we get on Thursday and whether we anticipate it’s necessary, we’ll discuss a special called for the Statesman PUD.

These are some of the issues to talk through:

Cancel 11/17 Meeting
- Do we replace this meeting with a special called meeting between 11/3 and 12/1?
- Possible dates:
• 11/9, Wednesday (maybe AE public hearing?, CM Ellis may be unavailable, Mayor would need to leave at 2:30pm for COP27 meeting, MPT Alter needs to leave at 5pm, 3 meeting weeks in a row)
• 11/10, Thursday (Mayor unavailable at COP27 meeting, 3 meeting weeks in a row)
• 11/15 (maybe AE public hearing?, would replace work session, Mayor at COP27 meeting)
- If yes, is that meeting consent only or deliberation?
- If deliberation, are there any items that would need to be held for next, scheduled meeting?

Do we need to post the 12/1 as a 2-day meeting?
- In case the agenda is large, in December
- If yes, does 11/30, Wed. and 12/1, Thursday work? (Mayor unavailable on 12/2)
- Council already meeting 11/30 with ATP Joint meeting from 1 pm to 3 pm
- Making this decision may impact setting of public hearings at this week’s meeting

AE Base Rate Meeting Schedule
- Work Sessions/Public Hearings: CM Pool proposes 11/2 or 11/9 (and 11/15, if needed)
- Deliberation: CM Pool proposes 12/1 (and 12/8, if needed)

Statesman PUD Special Called?
- See how far we get on 10/13? Or 10/27?