Amendments & Request to Postpone Item 12, ALPRs

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Amendments & Request to Postpone Item 12, ALPRs

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I am sharing the first draft of my amendments to the ALPR item, along with links to the Minnesota and New Hampshire laws that I used as a basis for my amendments to CM Kelly’s item. I also used the ACLU model ALPR bill, which is also linked. I appreciate the usefulness of ALPRs, but I have serious concerns about saving the personal data of thousands of innocent people whose comings and goings will now be subject to monitoring by the state. I cannot support the item if we are saving the license plate data we are collecting. Any ALPR item must only alert the police to a license plate they are already looking for, with strict limitations on which license plates they are allowed to target (stolen vehicles, felony crimes, missing/endangered persons).

I support postponing the ALPR item so we can look into the specific LPR system we have and ensure it meets these requirements and, if not, which vendor could meet these requirements. I would also like to receive additional community feedback regarding the use of ALPRs.

New Hampshire ALPR Statute: ... 1-75-b.htm

Minnesota ALPR Statute:

ACLU Model ALPR Bill: ... 143454.pdf

Vela Amendments to CM Kelly’s ALPR Item (first draft): ... 143539.pdf

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