Co-Sponsor Request: Enhanced Safety Measures at Medical Facilities

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Co-Sponsor Request: Enhanced Safety Measures at Medical Facilities

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Many of you may have seen the recent investigative report by KXAN highlighting the frequency of automobile crashes into medical facilities like hospitals and emergency rooms, across the state and the country. The most recent example occurred right here in Austin at St. David’s North, where a driver died and a young family, including children, suffered severe injuries.

Hospitals, especially emergency rooms, are particularly prone to these types of accidents due to drivers being more likely to be injured, under medication, or other forms of distress.

I intend to introduce a resolution for consideration on the July 18th Council Meeting Agenda that will direct the City Manager to make all necessary and appropriate amendments to City Code requiring safety barriers, known as bollards, to be constructed at any new medical facility within the City’s jurisdiction.

I would welcome your co-sponsorship on this item and would be happy to discuss and share draft resolution language with you or your staff. Thank you for your attention to this important matter of public safety in our community.

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Council Member, District 6