City Manager Search Update

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City Manager Search Update

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I’m writing to give you an update on our City Manager search.

As you’re aware, the application period for the City Manager search was extended and closed on Monday, February 26th. We extended the time when we determined that the next steps in the process would take place in early March. This allowed potential candidates a little more time to evaluate the opportunity, perhaps visiting with people in their current city, and submit an application a little later. This extension didn’t/doesn’t impact our timeline.

From the beginning, our goal has been to make this process as open and transparent as possible. The Mosaic Public Partners team has been conducting community engagement efforts. A community stakeholder survey was conducted. Mosaic also met with many community leaders and stakeholders. Findings of the community feedback are attached. ... 123204.pdf

Mosaic Public Partners has indicated we have 39 applicants for the City Manager position. It is important to keep in mind that in every recruitment there are a number of applicants that do not meet the minimum qualifications. We are set to review the candidates as a Council on Tuesday, March 5th. We have additional time identified later this month and in early April for candidate interviews and a community townhall with final candidates.

With this timeline, I feel confident that we can have our new City Manager identified in April.


On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office