Blues on the Green & Beyond- Free Live Music in Austin

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Blues on the Green & Beyond- Free Live Music in Austin

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We are excited to bring forth a two-component resolution for the February 15th Council meeting agenda that includes direction for the City of Austin to solidify co-sponsorship of a long-standing summer concert series, currently known as ‘Blues on the Green.’

Additionally, there is a long-term, proactive, call to action that grants further direction for City staff to examine how the City of Austin can support the local music and arts events as an ecosystem. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we as a city identify ways to equitably systemize city co-sponsorship of events that are free and open to the public in order to maintain Austin's cultural identity as the ‘Live Music Capital’ for all Austinites and its visitors alike.

Both segments are valuable to the execution of this resolution. ‘Blues on the Green’ is a cherished tradition among our constituents, but it is especially important that our city plays an active role in supporting free, open-to-the-public events so all residents can enjoy our unique, vibrant, and diverse live music and arts culture of Austin. We hope this resolution can accomplish the creation of equitable and accessible systemization of City Co-sponsorship of free events, for both long-standing and new traditions. We believe this will also expand opportunities for the City of Austin to create and strengthen partnerships across our community.

Thank you to staff, our council colleagues and other stakeholders who have been involved in this effort so far. We welcome you all to join us in supporting this resolution. ... ?id=422889

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