Housing & Planning Committee

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Natasha Harper-Madison
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Housing & Planning Committee

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Good afternoon colleagues.
It is an honor to serve on the Housing & Planning Committee. With the momentum we’ve established, I’m looking forward to 24’ being another highly productive year!
Coming up next week, we have a few items regarding Project Connect, where planning and mobility actions are intertwined. I welcome the Chair of the Mobility Committee, Council Member Paige Ellis, to join us as well as anyone interested in the conversation regarding Land Development Code prioritization as it relates to Project Connect.
In preparation for next week’s meeting, I would like to request that, if possible, staff have the presentation materials posted by this Friday (1/19). I also invite my colleagues to post any requests for committee action to this thread.
There are so many ambitious projects and groundbreaking opportunities ahead for the city, and I am looking forward to working with our colleagues, staff, and our community as a whole.

Natasha Harper-Madison
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Ryan Alter
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Re: Housing & Planning Committee

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Thank you, Chair Harper-Madison.

I appreciate your leadership and the opportunity to work with all of my colleagues on these critical housing and affordability issues. I look forward to kicking off a productive year on the Housing & Planning Committee next Tuesday.

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Paige Ellis
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Re: Housing & Planning Committee

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Chair Harper-Madison and Vice Chair Alter,

Thank you for bringing these important items to the Housing & Planning Committee. I will be participating remotely but look forward to the discussion and appreciate you carving out this time for these conversations.

Thank you,
CM Ellis
Paige Ellis
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