Joint City Council and Planning Commission Meeting Schedule

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Joint City Council and Planning Commission Meeting Schedule

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Here is my proposed schedule for the Joint City Council and Planning Commission meeting tomorrow.
We will begin promptly at 2:00 PM. I will call the City Council meeting to order, and Chair Shaw will convene the Planning Commission meeting. I will then open the public hearing for both bodies.

We will begin with a presentation from City Staff. As I reminder, the Q&A process for Council and the Planning Commission will continue to be available. For the Planning Commission, it will be available until before the Commission’s meeting on November 14th. For the Council, it will continue until it is anticipated that Council will take action on December 7th.

Out of deference to the large number of speakers that are signed up for this public hearing and the fact we want to hear from them, please use the Q&A system for now to ask questions you may have of staff. Members of both bodies will also have the chance for questions and discussion at the November 14th (Planning Commission) and December 7th (Austin City Council) meetings. At the meeting tomorrow, please limit questions of staff to only clarifying questions on the presentation.

Following the staff presentation, we will begin public testimony. Again, out of respect to the public that will be there to provide thoughts and testimony, we will not have a formal dinner break. Please ensure that there is a quorum and quietly excuse yourself when you want to get something to eat. At the conclusion of public testimony, we will adjourn both the City Council meeting and the Planning Commission meeting.

As noted, each body will have the opportunity for discussion at their upcoming meetings. Planning Commission will meet on November 14th and the City Council will opportunity for discussion at our Special Called meeting on December 7th.

We are also announcing an Open House to allow the public to meet with and ask questions of city staff on Monday, November 6, 2023, at the Austin Central Library, 710 W. Cesar Chavez Street. It will be from 6:00-8:00.

I look forward to a productive meeting.


On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office