Item 82 Access to Natural Light

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Item 82 Access to Natural Light

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I’d like to be added as a co-sponsor on Item 82 that will require access to natural light for all bedrooms in new buildings. We’ve heard quite a bit about this from concerned members of our community who brought to our attention that many students in Austin are living in housing without windows. The evidence is clear from several studies cited by the National Institutes of Health: access to natural light is essential for good physical, mental, and sleep health.

I have asked Council Member Qadri to add my name to his resolution, and I will ask that it be noted in Changes and Corrections at the top of next week’s meeting.

Thank you, CM Qadri, for bringing this item that will ensure a better standard, particularly for Austin’s students who are often cost-burdened.

Chief of Staff
Office of Mayor Pro Tem Leslie Pool, District 7