HealthSouth IFC V2

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HealthSouth IFC V2

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I want to direct your attention to the Version 2 of my HealthSouth IFC posted in the backup.

In light of the expiration of the exclusive negotiation agreement with Aspen Heights, I want to ensure community accountability, transparency, and fairness in this situation. This was an unfortunate process due to many factors for all involved, but I am hopeful the next process will be more focused, timely, and effective at achieving community benefits. The resolution does a few things to ensure our new Council guides the conversation and is apprised of the process of redeveloping HealthSouth:

1. Reaffirms the City’s commitment to city ownership of HealthSouth for the express purpose of a mixed-use, mixed-income development,
prioritizing housing affordable to those earning 60% or below Austin’s median family income.
2. Ensures future priorities for HealthSouth align with the Strategic Housing Blueprint and the ongoing Palm District Plan.
3. Requests data and scenarios based on market feasibility to guide our future discussion of goals for the site and to aid in determining the lead
negotiating agency.
4. Requests staff to return to the September Housing and Planning Committee to review and discuss further steps in the redevelopment process.

I appreciate City staff’s time briefing Council in Executive Session on this matter, and I look forward to continued dialogue and deliberation on Council and community priorities for the redevelopment of this unique opportunity for community benefits downtown.


On behalf of CM Qadri
Chief of Staff, District 9