Amendment Proposals for July 20th, 2023 Council Meeting

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Mackenzie Kelly
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Amendment Proposals for July 20th, 2023 Council Meeting

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Dear Colleagues,

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the discussion we had today during the Council Work Session. I am truly thankful for the input you provided. I eagerly anticipate our future discussions as we strive to find the best solutions for our community.

Following our discussion and considering input today, I have made the decision to propose the following amendments for a vote during the upcoming Council Meeting on July 20th:

• Item 128 Amendment One: ... 121258.pdf
• Item 129 Amendment One: ... 121407.pdf

Furthermore, I kindly request Council Member Qadri to take into account my proposed amendments for item 131, scheduled for the August 31st, 2023 council meeting, as today we learned the item will be postponed:

• Item 131 Amendment One: ... 121427.pdf
• Item 131 Amendment Two: ... 121442.pdf

I am grateful for the time and effort you dedicated to collaborating on these amendments with me today. I eagerly look forward to presenting the amendments for a vote on items 128 and 129 on Thursday at our council meeting and humbly request your support for these proposals.

With warmest regards,

Council Member, District 6