Audit & Finance Agenda - 4/26

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Audit & Finance Agenda - 4/26

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I want to invite you to attend tomorrow morning’s Audit and Finance Committee meeting, which begins at 9:30 a.m. We’ll be discussing numerous topics of interest, including an update from the City Manager’s office on the previous disaster preparedness audit, an audit of the Austin Fire Department’s overtime usage and policies, presentation of our annual comprehensive financial report, and an update from the Small and Minority Business Resources Department on the Inclusive Procurement Working Group (IPWG) final report and recommendations.

We also will hear from Financial Services Department staff on the current state of our Capital Improvement Program (CIP) finances. They will speak about the status of existing bond programs, voter authorized but unissued debt, projections for non-voter approved debt issuances, the debt service tax rate, and financial policy and credit rating considerations. I invite each of you to either attend or view this briefing later as it is foundational information for anticipated additional conversations regarding our CIP.

You can find the full agenda here - ... 26-afc.htm. Please also note that the Language Access Audit has been postponed and we are scheduled until 12 PM.

Alison Alter
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