Item 39 - mobile homes and tenant notification and relocation requirements

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Item 39 - mobile homes and tenant notification and relocation requirements

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Hello Colleagues,

Under the current Tenant Notification and Relocation Ordinance, a landlord can evict all tenants and then apply for a zoning change without triggering the ordinance. My resolution (Item 39) seeks to close this loophole and ensure tenants receive proper notification and the opportunity to access city resources. The resolution also seeks to deter developers from redeveloping mobile home sites as luxury RV parks that cater to people coming to the City for short-term stays in an effort to preserve mobile home parks, which are some of the last remaining non-subsidized affordable housing.

I am offering a Version 2 to my resolution, which is less prescriptive and will give our staff the flexibility they need to draft an ordinance that will address the goals laid out in the Whereas sections.

Version 2 directs staff to draft an ordinance that achieves the following goals:
-deter the displacement of residents before submitting for an application
-require compliance with the ordinance when the property owner conducts unpermitted work
-require notifications for tenants for alterations or repairs described in Section 25-1-712(A)
-require that tenant relocation requirements apply to any multi-family property with five or more residential units

Version 2 also directs staff to develop amendments that preserve mobile home parks as long-term residential uses instead of requiring a specific length of an initial stay at a mobile home park, again to give staff the flexibility they need to achieve this goal.

Lastly, Version 2 directs staff to bring these amendments back by April of 2023 instead of December 2022 to give them an appropriate amount of time to draft the ordinance amendments.

I want to thank my co-sponsors for all their support on this item, CM Renteria, CM Vela, CM Kitchen and CM Tovo.

V2 clean version: ... 121744.pdf

V2 redline version: ... 121813.pdf

Yours in community,
Council Member, District 2