Parkland Dedication Items

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Parkland Dedication Items

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It is my preference that we take up item 53 and item 66 separately. I believe if we first debate, amend, and adopt item 66 (commercial PLD) we can then use that item as the base motion for item 53 (PLD in general). I believe taking them up separately is simpler and more appropriate. (Note also we would open and close the hearings for 66 and 67 then proceed to deliberate over 66, take up 53, and then 59).

Below you will find three motions I intend to bring during our discussions.

First, for item 66, this amendment is an alternative to Council Member Harper-Madison’s amendment regarding commercial properties and fee-in-lieu of parkland dedication. I believe this alternative more fully captures the Planning Commission recommendation.

LINK: ... 132542.pdf

This second item is an alternative to Council Member Harper-Madison’s amendment to item 53 regarding floodplain credit. I believe that PARD currently has the ability to apply the waiver outlined in 25-1-603 (D) to allow credit in areas that do not otherwise comply with parkland dedication standards, such as the 25 year flood plain, steep slopes, etc. This alternative amendment would bring clarity and certainty to the crediting while still meeting what I believe to be the intent of the original amendment

LINK: ... 132559.pdf
Lastly, if we consider items 53 and 66 separately, my 3rd amendment would allow the residential changes to be effective 10 days after Council passage but also allow the commercial changes to be applicable starting January 1st, 2023.
LINK: ... 132617.pdf

I’d like to note that I do support Council Member Harper-Madison’s amendment regarding transit, but I do not currently support her amendment regarding mixed-use developments.

Finally, I’d like to make sure everyone is aware that I intend to offer direction to the Manager to come back to us at the Sept. 29th meeting with action necessary to add the 2 FTEs and update the PARD budget to implement commercial parkland dedication ordinance in a manner that is budget-neutral to the general fund. This would have been done during our budget adoption had we not delayed adoption of the fees and ordinances.

Alison Alter
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