7/26 & 7/28 Parkland Dedication

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7/26 & 7/28 Parkland Dedication

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Our agenda this week calls for us at least to discuss the proposed Parkland Dedication Fee ordinance for commercial properties, as was requested by a recent council resolution. The resolution asked for the ordinance to be posted on an agenda in time for the budget adoption in mid-August, but also to go through the code amendment process. Our staff is currently trying to honor both of those directions, but doing so would allow for discussion – but not action – on the ordinance Thursday.

MPT Alter and I hope to have a robust discussion by Council at work session where Council can air questions or offer proposals, further public comment will be taken on Thursday, but no action is anticipated. At both, discussion of both the residential and commercial parkland dedication fee will be considered germane and we have posted a Council discussion item on Tuesday as well.

At Thursday's Council Meeting we anticipate a motion to postpone any final action until the budget hearings on August 17th to allow time for the Planning Commission to provide its recommendation.