Schedule for Sept 17 Council Meeting

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Schedule for Sept 17 Council Meeting

Post by Steve Adler » Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:16 pm


Here is how we’ll handle speakers tomorrow, absent the will of council being otherwise.

Overall, we have 141 speakers signed up on agenda items. (and 8 speakers at our Noon Citizen Communication).

Each speaker that has signed up on an agenda item will get 2 minutes each. (Cit Com Speakers will get 3 min each).

10 am – Speakers on consent and other non-zoning/non-AHFC items - 59 speakers
12 pm – General CitCom – 8 speakers
2 pm – Zoning Speakers: 38 speakers
3:30 pm – AHFC: 44 speakers

We will plan for a lunch break around 12:30 pm.