Major League Soccer Resolution on the 11/9 Agenda

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Major League Soccer Resolution on the 11/9 Agenda

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Dear all,

I am posting this message on behalf of Mayor Pro Tem Tovo.

Dear colleagues,

The Major League Soccer (MLS) idea has been garnering public interest recently and I believe it would be helpful to post the Resolution I am sponsoring in advance of the agenda release on Friday. The Resolution builds upon the direction of Resolution No. 20140306-022, which you can read here:

Below is the draft Resolution that will be discussed during the November 9th Council meeting. As always, please feel free to use this forum to communicate any ideas or concerns.


Kathie ... 125051.pdf

WHEREAS, the Major League Soccer (MLS) organization is a premiere professional soccer league in the United States; and

WHEREAS, soccer is a beloved sport in the Central Texas region and throughout the State by individuals regardless of age; and

WHEREAS, Austin is one of the largest cities in the United States without a professional sports team; and

WHEREAS, Resolution No. 20140306-022 directed the City Manager to work with MLS, neighborhood groups, The University of Texas, and other stakeholders to explore the feasibility of an MLS franchise in Austin and “to identify potential sites that take into account the traffic impact on surrounding neighborhoods”; and

WHEREAS, Precourt Sports Ventures has expressed an interest in potentially moving the MLS team, Columbus Crew Soccer Club (Columbus Crew), to Austin; and

WHEREAS, for a relocation to Austin occur, Precourt Sport Ventures has indicated that a mutually agreeable location for a stadium would need to be explored and solidified; and

WHEREAS, Precourt Sport Ventures has confirmed that it would pay all construction costs associated with a world class soccer park and practice fields; and

WHEREAS, the most successful soccer venues in the United States are located in or close to the urban core of the city; and

WHEREAS, while other cities are competing for an MLS expansion team, Austin has been offered the opportunity to be home to an existing team; and

WHEREAS, a professional soccer team could benefit Austin by promoting civic pride and providing financial benefits to the City and its recreational facilities; NOW, THEREFORE


The City Manager is directed to identify City-owned sites in the urban core, including underutilized parkland, that might be appropriate for a soccer stadium, as well as sites outside the urban core where practice fields and ancillary uses could serve the Columbus Crew and the surrounding community.

This analysis should also consider:
• Traffic and other potential impacts on residential neighborhoods adjacent to identified sites;
• Displacement of City programs or services as a result of a conversion in use;
• New programs serving Austin residents, including community benefits that could result from the construction of a stadium and practice fields;
• Direct and indirect economic benefits of having an MLS team in Austin;
• Processes for engaging the public in consideration of these options.

The above analysis should include engagement with neighborhood groups, Precourt Sports Ventures, area colleges and universities, Independent School Districts within Austin city limits, and other potential stakeholders.

The City Manager is further directed to consult with Travis County, area colleges and universities, Central Health, and other relevant entities in consideration of potential sites.

The City Manager is directed to bring an initial report and recommendations to Council by December 7, 2017.
Senior Policy Advisor
Office of Kathie Tovo, Council Member District 9