Item 18. Rosewood Park Corridor Capitol View Corridor

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Item 18. Rosewood Park Corridor Capitol View Corridor

Post by Christopher Hutchins » Tue May 16, 2017 4:44 pm

City staff and I have been in discussions with Central Health about the two potential Rosewood Park Capitol View Corridors. Central Health has agreed that it will go forward with the selection of a developer for the Brackenridge property immediately and will include in its Brackenridge Request for Proposals a request (1) that all proposers comment on the impact of the proposed Capitol View Corridors on the proposer’s development plan both as to economic impact on payments to Central Health and as to the impact of the CVC on the functional plan for development of the Central Health property; and (2) that each proposer should attempt to work with one of the proposed Capitol View Corridors in at least one version of its proposal. Central Health has indicated that it needs at least 6 months to complete the developer selection process.

To allow Central Health time to complete this process (which will include Request-For-Proposal issuance, developer selection, and selected developer’s Capitol View Corridor analysis), I intend to propose that Item 18 on Thursday’s agenda (18. Approve a resolution initiating amendments to City Code Chapter 25-2 to create a new Rosewood Park Capitol View Corridor, and directing the City Manager to process the amendment to be presented to Council on or before August 17, 2017) be withdrawn and that all discussion and action regarding the Rosewood Park Capitol View Corridor be postponed to the Council’s December 14, 2017, meeting.

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