Plaza Saltillo Postponement Request

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David Chincanchan
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Plaza Saltillo Postponement Request

Post by David Chincanchan » Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:26 pm

Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and Council Members,

Council Member Renteria asked me to share the following comments with you regarding Plaza Saltillo (Items 73, 74, and 75) on this week’s agenda:

The East Cesar Chavez Neighborhood Planning Team (ECCNPT) has requested a postponement of the Plaza Saltillo items to a future meeting. I hope you will join me in honoring that request in order to allow further engagement between the residents and Capital Metro’s representatives. Both groups have assured me that they will move expeditiously to discuss the community’s reservations and work diligently to address them. Therefore, I will be making a motion to postpone the items to our February 9th meeting.

While asking for your support of this two-week delay, which I believe will help us reach a better outcome, I would also like to impart a sense of urgency.

Plaza Saltillo is a project I have supported for years. It is a tremendous opportunity to provide housing that is desperately needed in our community, while also strengthening our transit network.

The items before us have been delayed many times since the initial requests were filed. Capital Metro’s representatives on this case have reached out to my office to explain that they are facing a fast-approaching financing deadline that, if not met, could put the entire project at risk.

My office has been in constant communication with the ECCNPT and the applicants to determine a timeline that works for both.

Therefore, I am asking for your support of the following schedule:

1st Reading – 02/09/2017
2nd Reading – 02/16/2017
3rd Reading – 03/02/2017

Please let me or my staff know if you have any questions.

– Pio”

Thank you,

Chief of Staff
Office of Council Member Sabino "Pio" Renteria, District 3