Council Member Pool's Budget Items

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Council Member Pool's Budget Items

Post by Michael Gaudini » Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:10 pm

Council Member Pool would like to provide back-up materials for each of the budget items she is carrying as the primary sponsor:

Master Plan for Northwest District Park (Item PK1.07)
• Invest $200,000 for the planning, study, and public engagement efforts needed to create a Northwest District Park Master Plan.
• For more information: ... 125044.pdf

Digital Records Archivist (Item OT1.20)
• Invest $85,414 in salary and $1,000 in one-time support needs to fund an Austin Public Library request for a digital records archivist position.
• For more information: ... 125217.pdf

Graffiti Abatement Efforts (Item HS1.12)
• Invest $129,134 in operational costs and $70,000 in one-time costs for an additional graffiti abatement team and abatement materials.
• For more information: ... 125427.pdf

Managing Our Cultural and Historical Resources (Items OT1.16 & PK1.03)
• Invest $300,000 in continuing the Council-initiated historic resources survey that the city is performing to document our community’s heritage and identify historic properties (OT1.16).
• Invest $120,803 in a position dedicated to managing cultural assets on city parkland (PK1.03).
• For more information: ... 125523.pdf

Neighborhood Partnering Program (Item OT1.17)
• Invest an additional $60,000 in the Neighborhood Partnering Program’s (NPP) budget.
• For more information: ... 125626.pdf

Austin Technology Partnership (Item ED1.06)
• Invest $225,000 in continuing the Austin Technology Partnership (ATP) to support technology sector workforce, capital, and market development in Austin.
• For more information: ... 125736.pdf

High School Internships at the Airport (Item PB1.03)
• Continue the airport internships program for high school students that Council initiated last year (can be allocated within Aviation's existing budget).
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