Garza - Budget Amendments

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Delia Garza
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Garza - Budget Amendments

Post by Delia Garza » Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:34 pm


Overall, most of my top priorities are already included in the Council Concept Budget.

I will be offering an amendment to my proposal for additional staff for the Dove Springs Recreation Center (1.31). Our understanding is that some additional staffing has already been included in the proposed budget, and we may be able to reduce our request by 1 or 2 FTEs and still achieve the same goal. We’ll have confirmed numbers in the morning.

I would like to briefly discuss concept item 1.57 regarding continuing services during the closure of the Southeast Branch Library to confirm that this can be carried out without any additional funding. My office has heard some safety concerns from community members regarding moving services to Widen Elementary, which has not been brought up as an option during the public input meetings to date. I’d like to clarify whether there will be flexibility in how and where services will be provided, and if public input will continue to be considered even if additional funding isn’t allocated.

I would also like us to have an open discussion about the Parks Block Grant (1.83). It’s my understanding that staff has already put together an extensive list of unmet needs that we could consider using in order to allocate the funding and make it available at the start of the fiscal year. Alternatively, if we move forward with the block grant I’d like us to discuss a clear process for how decisions about allocating the funding will occur.

Delia Garza
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