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Hello All

I will be proposing as a next step for the CAG the following steps (1) reauthorize the CAG to 22017 (through the life of the CodeNext process); (2) align the appointments to the new 10-1 Council, to be consistent with other B&C and allow the 10 Councilmembers to make their own appointments to the Board; (3) Add 4 Members to balance the composition of the CAG (with 2 appointed by the Mayor; and 2 appointed by the Neighborhood and Planning Committee); and (4) reaffirm the purpose of the CAG.

I'm open to sending this item back to the Committee for consideration, with a deadline of returning the item to Council no later than the last meeting before the July break. The purpose is to allow the Council time to make their appointments by September 1st (a month before the CAG expires).

I'm also open to how the remaining 4 members are appointed - just proposing the Mayor and the Commiittee as potential and appropriate sources of these remaining appointments.

Thank you - I will bring this forward at Work Session today.

RESOLUTION NO. _______________

WHEREAS, the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan was unanimously adopted in June 2012; and
WHEREAS, one of the eight priority programs in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan calls for revising Austin’s development regulations and processes, as is currently underway through the CodeNext effort; and
WHEREAS, Resolution No. 20121206-074 created a code advisory group (CAG) to assist in public outreach and to provide feedback on the development and implementation of a revised land development code for the City of Austin; and
WHEREAS, the CAG is playing a significant and constructive role in the formulation of policy recommendations regarding CodeNext; and
WHEREAS, Resolution No. 20121206-074 in creation of the CAG also included an automatic termination of this group by the end of September 2015; and
WHEREAS, the upcoming termination date is recognized as an opportunity to extend the CAGs service as well as expand the CAG to provide better geographic representation and broader experiences, expertise, diversity, and perspectives and would answer community feedback calling for the expansion of the number of members and viewpoints represented by the group; and
WHEREAS, extension of the existing September 2015 termination date to September 2017 will provide the ability for the CAG to continue its contribution to the code rewrite and implementation process and increase the likelihood of success for CodeNext; NOW, THEREFORE

The Code Advisory Group (CAG), established to assist in public outreach and to provide feedback on the development and implementation of a revised land development code, shall be reappointed. The CAG shall focus its efforts to ensure the CodeNext process supports all the Priority Programs as outlined in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan for the City of Austin.

1. The advisory group shall consist of 14 members, 10 members shall be appointed by the City Council by September 1, 2015 and the remaining four shall be named thereafter, with two being appointed by the Mayor and two appointed by the Neighborhood and Planning Committee.
2. Appointments shall provide for geographic representation as well as a diversity of viewpoints. Members shall be selected based on their experiences in the fields of household affordability, environment and conservation, green planning and design, urban planning and architecture, construction and permitting, historic and neighborhood preservation, health and human services, small and local business as well as providing representation from homeowners and renters.
3. If a member of the advisory group subsequently resigns or fails to serve, the remaining members may select an individual to fill the vacancy subject to approval by the City Council. A member fails to serve if he or she misses 3 consecutive meetings or one-third of the meetings held in a twelve-month period. Membership may not exceed the number of individuals appointed to the advisory group by the City Council.
4. The advisory group is not subject to the requirements of City Code Chapter 2-1 (City Boards) and shall terminate automatically by the end of September 2017 or upon the adoption of a new land development code, whichever is earlier. However the advisory group is subject to the Open Meetings Act, codified in Chapter 551 of the Government Code.


The City Manager is directed to continue to coordinate with the advisory group in the development and preparation of a revised land development code.


Members of this advisory board must agree to comply with the City’s ethics and personal responsibilities guidelines.


A person who is registered or required to register as a lobbyist under Chapter 4-8 or who is employed by a person registered or required to register under Chapter 4-8 is prohibited from serving as a member of this advisory board.

ADOPTED: ____________________, 2015 ATTEST: ______________________________
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Ann Kitchen
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