Budget Priorities

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Budget Priorities

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Councilmember Kitchen, thank you for sharing your budget topics, the D2 Team and I will keep them in mind. I’d also like to list my budget priorities so that my colleagues are aware and have time for consideration. New priorities may be listed in the future as we continue to receive community feedback.

-Workforce Investments: Increasing the Living Wage & expanding Paid Parental Leave.
-Trauma Recovery Center (TRC): Maintaining the proposed funding for Texas’ first TRC.
-Reproductive Health Services: Identifying and funding solutions to provide reproductive care-related services to Austinites.
-Goodnight Ranch Fire/EMS Station: Ensuring the completion of the construction of the Goodnight Ranch Fire/EMS Station using the dedicated funding in the FY 2021-2022 budget.
-Anti-Displacement and Tenant Relocation: Exploring funding possibilities for communities currently facing displacement.
-MonkeyPox: Funding health service solutions related to stopping the spread of Monkeypox in Austin.

These are our biggest priorities for this coming budget cycle. I look forward to working with my colleagues on these and other budget initiatives.

Yours in community,
Council Member, District 2