7/21 Special Called Meeting

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Steve Adler
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7/21 Special Called Meeting

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For tomorrow’s Special Called Meeting, we have 32 speakers (13 remote, 19 in-person) signed up thus far, 4 related action items, and 1 briefing. I recommend we follow this path:

• We begin by allowing item authors and co-sponsors to introduce their items briefly;
• We take signed up speakers (two minutes each) beginning with remote speakers;
• We then call up all four items together at the same time for deliberation; and
• Then we’ll vote on each item, separately and in order.

If we haven’t already, we’ll break for lunch.

Then we’ll get the briefing on the warm weather situation.

Jose Chito Vela
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Re: 7/21 Special Called Meeting

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Thanks, Mayor. This schedule looks great. Just as a reminder to all, we have a press conference scheduled at noon. If we could break for lunch just before then, it will allow us to attend the press conference and then resume the meeting shortly thereafter. The press conference is posted as a public meeting of the council, so all council members are welcome to attend and will be given time to speak if desired.

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