6/9 Item 61 Amendment

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6/9 Item 61 Amendment

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Thank you to the cosponsors of Item 61 for bringing forward important environmental regulations. CM Harper-Madison, CM Ellis, and I are offering amendments that we believe are important to the success of these new regulations.

In order to fight against sprawl and its detrimental effects to the environment, we want to ensure that these code changes work the way we intend and do not reduce housing capacity. We believe requiring greenfield standards for redevelopments and requiring steep slopes protections in Urban Watersheds necessitate further conversations with stakeholders to (1) better understand the impact on housing capacity and developable land, and (2) develop recommendations that mitigate that potential housing loss. It is also vital to our environmental goals that properties that are fully paved over with no drainage infrastructure can and will redevelop so we can get the drainage infrastructure and flood mitigation we need.

It is not our intention to slow down the other important elements of this item. We hope this is considered a friendly amendment that will only improve our environmental impact.

http://assets.austintexas.gov/austincou ... 152409.pdf

Mayor Adler
CM Harper-Madison
CM Ellis