Compatibility and Parking Resolution, Item 66

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Compatibility and Parking Resolution, Item 66

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I appreciate the opportunity to initiate a relaxation of compatibility and parking requirements along major corridors and look forward to discussion of Item #66 on the June 9th agenda. I am hopeful we will find consensus on this proposal and agree with many of the provisions in Item #66.

There is one aspect that I do not see reflected in Item #66 that was discussed at our worksession and Council meeting - which relates to the context of lots on a number of corridors, including South Lamar and Burnet. Properties on streets that intersect with a corridor at an angle may create circumstances where the property is impacted on both the side and the back. The proposed compatibility requirements in Item #66 are silent and do not address this situation. I will be proposing language (amendment and/or substitute) that asks the staff to address this situation when they return with ordinance language.

I also believe it is important that corridors in all parts of town be included, aligned with our goals related to equity and affordable housing throughout the city. I am reviewing the list of proposed corridors and welcome further discussion about additional corridors outside the central city that may be appropriate to include

Thank you all for your efforts to date on this important initiative.

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