Stop the Bleed Expansion Program IFC

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Stop the Bleed Expansion Program IFC

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In the wake of the recent tragic event that took place in Uvalde, TX, I am bringing forward an IFC regarding support for our public safety professionals, to expanding the Stop the Bleed Program, and to explore future ways to improve morale amongst public safety professionals in Austin.

The posting language is as follows:

Approve a resolution directing the City Manager to send a letter of support to local law enforcement, local officials, and other local organizations in the Uvalde, Texas region on behalf of the City of Austin, to make recommendations for expanding placement of Stop the Bleed kits to include all primary and secondary schools in the area served by the Austin Travis County Emergency Medical Service, and to study and report to Council with recommendations to improve morale among City of Austin public safety employees.

In times such as these I firmly believe that it is important to publicly voice our support for those that are placed in harms way by selflessly protecting our communities. Expanding the Stop the Bleed program will provide education to schools across our city.

I would like to invite each of you as a co-sponsor on this resolution to show our unified support for our public safety professionals in times of great tragedy and loss. Please indicate your support for this resolution as soon as possible so that it can be placed on the June 9, 2022 agenda.

Here is a link to the resolution: ... 150205.pdf

Warm Regards,

Council Member, District 6