Work Session Agenda

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Work Session Agenda

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I will be leading the 5/3 work session and wanted to share my intended agenda.

We will take up items in the following order:

1. Pulled items (so far just item 34 related to parental leave)
2. Presentation and discussion for Item B001 (Zilker Park Vision Plan).
3. Item D001 - Discussion relating to increasing housing capacity on transit corridors. Note this can happen 3rd on 5/3 and/or via item 67 on 5/5 as the dais prefers.
4. Executive session on two items:
E1 - Data Foundry, Inc., v. City of Austin
E2 - SJ Louis Construction, LLC. V. City of Austin

Items E3 and E4 will be taken up on Thursday May 5, 2022, during the regular City Council meeting.

Alison Alter
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