CM Pool amendments for items 55 & 57

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CM Pool amendments for items 55 & 57

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On behalf of CM Pool,

Here are her motions on items 55 and 57 as discussed in work session, adding direction for the City Manager to research the recommendations of ratings agencies and financial oversight organizations on the use of cryptocurrency or blockchain by municipal governments.

Item 55 motion sheet: ... 192508.pdf
Item 57 motion sheet: ... 192532.pdf

As well, she is providing the following resources for the Council and the public on these issues:

1. Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) recommendations, March 4, 2022:

2. S&PGlobal (Standard & Poor's), "Cryptocurrency: U.S. Finance Issuers Cautiously Consider Its Applications, September 15, 2021: ... 192826.pdf

3. New York Times, "The Latecomer's Guide to Crypto": ... guide.html

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