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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to offer the below direction to any South Central Waterfront TIRZ we might adopt tomorrow.

Alison Alter

Alter Direction - Dec. 20, 2021 related to SCW TIRZ items 1-4

The City Manager is directed to provide Council with clearly defined roles and responsibilities of City staff and ADEC with respect to implementation of the TIRZ, including but not limited to any associated related financing or regulatory tools that need to be identified to fulfill the South Central Waterfront Vision in relation to affordable housing, parks, green infrastructure, and financing.

The Council recognizes that the value of the potential SCW TIRZ goes beyond the financial contributions and includes improved governance, monitoring, and oversight structures and mechanisms to achieve the SCW vision. Accordingly, the City Manager is directed to outline a timeline and process for building on the preliminary plan to create the comprehensive implementation plan for the TIRZ required by statute. The process should include regular opportunities for Council briefings, input for the public as well as public and private actors committed to achieve the SCW vision and should involve interdisciplinary participation of city departments and ADEC.
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I want to thank my colleagues for supporting the passing of the TIRZ items on Monday that keep all options, including geographic area, open and available to us next year.

By this action, we put ourselves in the position to have a dedicated work session on this issue in January or February and then to make any and all changes to the preliminary plan or even to reject the TIRZ altogether.

I know that many of us have not had the opportunity to study or really understand the preliminary plan and are not ready to take a position on what a TIRZ plan should provide, or even if we should approve one at all.

It is not the intent in passing these items to indicate that Council is deciding such matters.

What we are doing on Monday is passing a preliminary plan before the end of of the year so we can the start the clock on the real estate “but for” value that could be subject to a plan should we decide early next year to do one.

I hope we can act quickly today and leave all the substantive discussions and decisions for when we come back. Many of us are not prepared at this point and want the opportunity to hear from the community and to learn the issues at a work session.

To that end, I hope we can pass the items with the following direction:

“The Manager is directed to set a work session before the end of February, 2022, for the Council to better understand the pros and cons of doing such a TIRZ and of the various elements that are or could be part of a TIRZ plan including, without limitation, whether to do one at all or not, the appropriate geographic area if one were done, and how best to include affordable housing as a priority for the TIRZ.”

Thank you for your consideration of this item, especially on the 20th of December. I think many of us only have a limited amount of time to participate in the meeting so I hope we can get to a final vote quickly.

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