Item 64 - encouraging accessory dwellings

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Item 64 - encouraging accessory dwellings

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On behalf of Council Member Tovo:

At yesterday's work session, several of you expressed an interest in learning more about the places cited in my ADU resolution. Below is a link to a document Jim Duncan presented to the Zoning and Platting Commission, which served as the source of this information. ... 103224.pdf

Likewise, I have cited Chicago’s ordinance as one our staff should review, particularly with regard to crafting a preservation requirement. (Chicago requires preservation of the primary structure on a site as a condition for allowing ADUs in attics, basements, and accessory building.) Most of my information re. the City of Chicago comes from conversations my staff have had with that city’s planning staff; information on Chicago's ADU ordinance is pasted below: ... nance.html

Also below is a link to a study by the University of Texas that concludes:
"It seems that an opportunity exists to improve the ADU ordinance to increase affordable development by encouraging ADU construction behind existing housing instead of ADU construction as part of demolition and redevelopment. Further, it may help affordability to limit the size of new homes in neighborhoods that contain smaller and older homes.” ... b79?item=3
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Re: Item 64 - encouraging accessory dwellings

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Posted on behalf of CM Ellis:

CM Tovo, thank you for sharing this additional background that informed your ADU resolution today. I am looking forward to supporting your resolution and grateful for your leadership on this family-supportive housing type.

Based on our conversation at work session on Tuesday, I'd like to offer a one-word amendment to ensure staff includes attached ADUs, along with internal and detached, when contemplating and streamlining homeowners' options for accessory dwellings. It sounded like this is in line with your intent for the resolution, so I hope it will be accepted as friendly.

Motion Sheet: ... 092937.pdf

(Background rationale: Attached ADUs, which are accessory dwellings built onto an existing home, are a form of ADU that are technically distinct from internal ADUs (which are built by converting part of the existing home) and can be more affordable and lower-impact than external ADUs (which are built detached from the existing home). Compared to external ADUs, attached ADUs generally offer lower construction costs, more flexibility to build the ADU further from trees and property lines, and reduced heating and cooling bills through better energy efficiency. Given Austin Energy’s recent rulemaking that pushes ADUs further from property lines, an attached ADU may be the only solution for some homeowners.)

Thank you, and I look forward to advancing ADUs together!
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Re: Item 64 - encouraging accessory dwellings

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On behalf of Council Member Tovo:


Pease see Version 2 of my resolution. This will be distributed shortly by the Agenda Office. ... 111537.pdf

Thank you,

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