Items 44 and 45

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Items 44 and 45

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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you to Mayor Adler and CM Tovo for your resolutions related to the South Central Waterfront Plan and Colony Park. I would like to offer a few amendments to Item 44 and clarify the timing for 45.

For 44, I would like to make the below amendments. A redline version can be found here that may be easier to read: ... 213800.pdf

Add to lines 57 and 58
The City Manager is directed to develop the preliminary project, *financing, and governance* plan necessary for the creation *and implementation* of a South Central Waterfront TIRZ consistent with Texas Tax Code Section 311 and prior reports and recommendations.

Add to line 75
The City Manager is directed to collaborate with the Austin Economic Development Corporation concerning the TIRZ *and additional public financing strategies to realize the district vision*

For 45, I would like to ask CM Tovo to share more information on what is expected by November 1st and what might be the downsides of allowing staff to instead have until December 1st. We can do this on this dais tomorrow assuming that is easiest.

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10