Parkland Dedication Fees - Item #20

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Paige Ellis
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Parkland Dedication Fees - Item #20

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Like most of you, my team and I have spent many hours working through the parkland dedication issue over the past several days. The issue is complicated, and our decision on Item #20 will have far-reaching implications that have not yet been fully vetted.

Because we did not have the opportunity to discuss this topic in a work session, I would like to propose we postpone Item #20 for two weeks to the Nov. 4 Council Meeting.

It is unfortunate that any change to these fees could mean either less park space or less housing, and both are desperately needed right now. I believe a postponement would allow us to have robust discussions with stakeholders on all sides in order to come to a reasonable solution for everyone.

Thank you for your consideration,

Paige Ellis
Paige Ellis
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Steve Adler
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Re: Parkland Dedication Fees - Item #20

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I share CM Ellis’ concern that we haven’t had sufficient time to consider item 20 on our Council agenda tomorrow and I support a postponement. However, the November 2nd work session coincides with election day and I would expect that many members of Council including myself may be in the community and unable to attend that work session. Accordingly, I would propose that we take this item up at the November 30th Council work session for possible action on December 2nd . This added time would give City Staff the opportunity to provide some important information to Council in advance of their decision. This action would not impact the recently approved fee.

- S
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