Item 81

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Item 81

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Item 81 has been a contentious zoning case which narrowly passed 6-5 on first reading. I was among those opposed to the case due to certain choices made by the applicant. Since that time, the applicant has taken steps to remedy those issues.

I am prepared to support this case on the condition that we adopt an amendment, which I've included below, to cap the impervious cover on the site at 55%. One of the concerns communicated to us by nearby neighbors relates to the erosion of Buttermilk Creek. Those concerns have been validated by our Watershed staff in the Q:A report, and they have confirmed severe erosion occurring in the immediate area. Because of those concerns, I believe the cap on impervious cover will provide enhanced protection for the neighbors and the environment without jeopardizing the project.

The applicant has confirmed with my office that their project requires approximately 45% impervious cover, so this cap provides a buffer beyond what they need.

This case has a valid petition, which is something I always take seriously. However, I'm prepared to support this case with my amendment, which I hope my colleagues will support.

I move to amend the Caption to add the conditional overlay language to the zoning string, add new Parts 2 and 3 to the ordinance as follows and renumber the remaining sections:

PART 2. The Property within the boundaries of the conditional overlay combining district established by this ordinance is subject to the following conditions:

Development of the property may not exceed an impervious coverage of 55%.

PART 3. Except as specifically restricted under this ordinance, the Property may be developed and used in accordance with the regulations established for the community commercial (GR) base district and other applicable requirements of the City Code.
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