Audit and Finance Meeting Agenda Update

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Audit and Finance Meeting Agenda Update

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Dear Colleagues,

At the September Audit and Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday the 22nd, EDD will provide a briefing to the committee on the Cultural Arts Fund and the Historic Presentation Fund. As this is a subject of interest for the whole Council, I want to call attention to the item and invite interested colleagues to attend. The briefing will provide Council an opportunity to further understand the initial proposals, what community feedback has been thus far, and how it is impacting EDD’s thinking and sense of next steps.

Here is what EDD will cover on Wednesday:

Historic Preservation Fund:
The Economic Development Department will provide a briefing on the proposed Heritage Preservation Grant program guidelines, community feedback, and timeline.

Cultural Arts Fund:
The Economic Development Department will provide a briefing on the Cultural Funding Review Process and proposed programs, with special attention to data and community feedback; in addition, the Cultural Arts Division briefing will include funding allocations from HOT and ARPA, transition to new programs, and the proposed accounting method of using actual receipts for budgeting purposes.

Please note that we will be extending the AFC meeting until 12pm and hope to begin the EDD discussion no later than 11am. The EDD item will be the last one taken up to allow the requisite time for the presentation and discussion. Staff is asking for a postponement of Item #2.

Link to AFC agenda: ... 22-afc.htm

Alison Alter
Council Member, District 10